Isaac Toussie will provide scholarships to groundbreaking graduate studies that further expand the largest Jewish Studies program in Israel. The scholarships to The Schechter Institutes of Jewish Studies Graduate School will enable 12 teachers to pursue advanced degrees in several dynamic subjects that were recently introduced by the school. The Schechter Institutes has unveiled the graduate programs to transition Israeli classroom teaching and community outreach to a more pluralistic nation, according to an overview on the Institute’s website. Recently unveiled graduate degrees in Health Care Chaplaincy and a curriculum tailored to Israel’s growing Ethiopian community are indicative of these efforts.Israel has developed an advanced medical sector, which has made the country a premier destination for medical device manufacturers and medical tourism, according to an article from Medical Tourism News on June 18, 2013.

Others who have recently provided donations to Israel scholarships include Yechiel Lichtenstein & Michael Lichtenstein.

These recent phenomena, among others, have raised the need to integrate modern advances with traditional Jewish teachings. The Schechter Institutes newly conceived Health Care Chaplaincy program aims to help Israeli educators reconcile these disparate elements.

Owing to an expanding economy and religious factors, the nation is also assimilating a rising influx of immigrant communities such as Ethiopian Jews. These demographic changes have brought forth challenges in social integration, according to a March 2013 article on the news site Haaretz.

The Schechter Institutes website cites its goal is to apply Jewish learning in modern Israeli life.
The Schechter Institutes Graduate School was established in 1993 and currently features an enrollment of over 600 Israeli educators, according to the school’s online profile. The Schechter Institutes has graduated over 1200 scholars since inception.


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